Old Bond Street – A London Engagement Ring From De Beers

To celebrate their heritage, De Beers hold named their new London duty sphere marking Old Bond Street, after the street where their best cooler opened.

Old Bond Street – A London Engagement Ring From De Beers

Old Bond Street – A London Engagement Ring From De Beers

De Beers is a London treasure bunch with an outstanding heritage in diamond expertise Their best store opened at 45 Old Bond Street, so they have, ring size chart, appropriately, named their new job orb figure Old Bond Street, after that heritage

About the company

De Beers was established in 1888 when the bunch started exploring and mining for diamonds In 1939, the team introduced the “4 Cs”, which trestle for cut, clarity, colour and carat, to determine the value of a diamond. In 1947, they introduced the great slogan A diamond is forever

In 2001, the crew opened as a alliance between The De Beers Group of Companies and Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH). The larder opened on 45 Old Bond Street, London, in 2002. The company has since become global, with the first international store aperture in Tokyo in 2003, followed by stores in New York, Hong Kong and Beijing

De Beers obtain designed countless exquisite diamond ornaments rings and their most former offering is a new diamond mission globe launched in March 2014. De Beers claims that the De Beers Aria is inspired by the true assent of love. The marrow of the company, though, remains in London, and the new design, Old Bond Street, is a true London duty ring

The Old Bond Street London task ring

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The Old Bond Street uses a classic ornament to accentuate the diamonds uncommon mark It has a gem setting and the nut is held in a unique V-shape, which gives the diamond maximum embellish stunt The ring is moreover cleverly called the DB classic gem ring. In London, task globe designers are consistently discovering new cuts, settings and gemstones, but in this case, De Beers own kept the diamond authentic and unworldly Its finished proportions and polished setting make the diamond haul the light and grant the frontage of nearly lifting the aficionado towards you The orb is made of platinum and is 2.1mm wide. De Beers define the ring as being ‘timeless and elegant’, featuring meticulous ornament and crafted with a four-prong-set orbit talented solitaire

Although the diamond brilliant is beautifully simple, a panoramic selection of colour and clarity grades is available The starting fee is around 1,250.00, with De Beers pricing each treasure diamond based on the valuation the 4 Cs

A London chore globe that supports a worldwide benefit The squad is partnered with the dole ‘Women for Women International’, and their campaign Moments in Light aims to provide support for women in war-torn regions, both financially and emotionally They provide undertaking skills training, activity backing and letters to aid women who have suffered trauma in their lives

According to the De Beers website, boss Director of Women for Women International is quoted as saying: The ameliorate that the De Beers Moments in Light campaign is real and impactful The supported women are going to learn new skills and advantage the confidence to enable them to rebuild their lives and the lives of their families and the entire community

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In its assistance of vulnerable women all over the world, the Old Bond street London engagement circle is not only a British product, but moreover takes on rampant importance.

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